Scrollsaw basic course
Introductory scroll saw course
five intense sessions
covering basic techniques
and special applications
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I came to woodworking more than thirty years ago.  
The beginning was, maybe, as a teenager, 
just out of high school, touring Ghana (west Africa). 
I spent a day with a wood carver on the side of the road. 
Later, I left too many words at University,
 where I was studying psychology, in favor of 
a carpentry course run by the Ministry of Labor,
 in Jerusalem. 
Since then my life has been continuously bound 
with wood. I worked in various wood shops, 
in Israel and in the U.S., alongside experienced 
wood craftsmen. 
At some point I returned to university and gained 
a degree in "Wood Science and Technology". 
Through the years I was a laborer and a manager 
and a teacher, I built custom ordered furniture 
and worked on a production line,
I tried different techniques, 
in wood working and in wood carving and sculpting, 
Today I live with my family in Kfar Shmuel, 
I have a workshop, situated between the house and the field. 
The workshop is a place for me to work and create 
and is open to others,  adults and children, 
who wish to touch wood, to learn the tools and techniques.


 Talya, Aburi-Ghana, 1978

Talya, at the scroll saw, 
Kfar-shmuel 2011

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